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Written by Jennilyn Salvador   

Enjoy Daranak Falls: A Summer Getaway

Daranak falls is a popular summer getaway for locals, neighboring towns and tourists alike. Convenient to get to, about twenty minutes or so from the town proper then a scenic five to ten-minute route into the mountain side from the main road. Even if you came in from Metro Manila, it wouldn’t take you more than three hours to get there, give or take. One of the closest natural bathing grounds near the Metro, Daranak falls is considered to be one of the most beautiful natural formations in the country, protected by government laws and maintained by Tanay’s local government.

A few friends of mine have been to Daranak, so I had somewhat of an idea as to what to expect when we got there. But as to what it is or what I’d see or find there actually wasn’t what I was thinking of on our way to the falls. I was thinking of the name “Daranak” and how it came to be called so. Unfortunately, every local I asked grew up calling the place that and never really did question it, save for one. One answer I got was it was from the phrase “Dadanak ang dugo”, directly translated “the spilling of blood”, due probably to the Katipunero history of the area during the Japanese occupation and where most of the resistance during that time was in the area of Rizal, Tanay included. It wasn’t really a real or sure answer to my question but it was interesting and I figured it made sense. May it be true or not, the story made me smile. I bought it.

Pulling in into the parking lot, the lush greenery alone surrounding the entire place is relaxing enough. I found myself gazing not even noticing the parking attendant asking me for twenty pesos for the parking fee, apparently he found it also amusing that I was so awestruck with nature that he was smiling while he was waiting for me to fork over my payment. We walked to the main entrance and paid all the fees needed to get in.

It opens daily at 8 am and closes at 5 pm, rates go for twenty pesos for adults and fifteen pesos for children, they have picnic huts, tables and sheds. Complete with all the amenities you’d expect from any resort. Tricycles and jeepneys make special trips to Daranak, so even if you’re without a car, you could still get there conveniently as if you did have a ride.

As we were walking on the bridge leading to the falls right after the entrance I was already thinking over and over to myself that I should have brought swimwear with me, as it was a hot day and it would really hit the spot if I could just cool off even for a short while in one of those pools of water that we were passing by on our way to the actual falls. Far from the falls, you could already hear children’s laughter, sounds of people having a great time and a general vibe that this was a place filled with good times and fun memories for countless of generations past and quite possibly for later generations to come.

Reaching the falls, I was now really wishing badly that I could join all those people enjoying themselves cooling off from the hot summer heat and go for a swim myself. I admit that I rarely get this close to nature and just being there, I easily forgot my oversight of not bringing at least a towel. I picked a rock on which to sit on and just took it all in.

The place was pristine; I could imagine it a thousand years ago before anyone ever knew it was here. Approximately sixty to eighty feet high, the falls was amazing, people were scaling the walls, jumping from rocks into the water but most were simply sitting directly under it, letting the water hit their backs. Many have long believed (me included) of the healing qualities of just sitting under a falling body of water. Its like nature giving you a massage I guess. Save for the water and the rocks around, everywhere you looked it was green. Thick, probably century-old trees look down atop the falls, almost making it seem like a natural umbrella that spread around the entire refuge from concrete and industry, making you feel cradled by nature herself. To me there’s nothing more relaxing.

Leaving I formed my own theory as to why it’s called Daranak. It was probably true that it was rooted from the phrase “dadanak ang dugo” and in time got shortened and just morphed into what its called now. I’d like to think now its Daranak not because of its revolutionary violent past, rather than “dadanak ang saya, tuwa at ligaya”, loosely translated “ the coming of fun, laughter and good times”. But whatever you may think the name of the place is derived from, it wouldn’t really matter, undoubtedly you would leave with a feeling of rejuvenation as I did and I didn’t even get into the water.

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Nestled at the foot of Tanay mountains, Daranak Falls is a favorite shooting location for many films, both local and foreign. That hardly comes as a surprise, actually, given its persevered natural vegetation of lush trees and tropical plants. When thinking of a quick escape from the harried urban lifestyle of Metro Manila, not many people immediately think of going to Tanay. This quaint town is, after all, not as popular as its neighbors Antipolo or Cainta. But a closer inspection of Tanay will allow visitors to see the diverse attractions it offers – from natural wonders to man-made sites. Worried that you couldn’t afford to be away for very long? No need to fret – it only takes a day to discover why Tanay is a haven in itself. Getting a headstart – the town

The town proper of Tanay is a great place to start sightseeing. It has several places where visitors can get a glimpse of the local culture there, not to mention that it is also the most accessible. You can basically map out your itinerary here, from asking around for the must-visit destinations (if you have relatively no idea where you want to go) and buying food and other supplies, to arranging your transportation and even accommodations.

One of the things you shouldn’t miss is the Parola (lighthouse). Surrounded by a series of fish ponds and bordered by Laguna de Bay with backdrop of mountains, Parola can be best visited early in the morning. Many people go here for a dose of morning sunshine, especially parents with their children in tow. There are also vendors selling their catch of the day. But more than that, I think that going to the Parola is a good way to see the town slowly come to life.

Tanay Park is probably the most famous landmark in town. It is really nothing out of the ordinary – trees complimented by benches – but it poses an excellent meeting place, because it is right at the center of the town. The open space is also ideal for outdoor events. When I visited the park, for instance, I chanced upon a number of people enjoying a game of badminton. That day also coincided with ‘Araw ng Lalawigan ng Rizal,’ so many people were gathered for the celebration.

If you need to purchase anything – or even if you just want to look around – Tanay Public Market is worth checking out. It is very easy to discern that the market is well-maintained and organized. In fact, I think it is one of the cleanest markets I’ve ever been to. It is mainly divided into three sections: one that sells household items, clothing, shoes and accessories; another for dry goods retail and wholesale products, as well as several food stalls; and the third for wet goods like fish and meat. There was also a partition of the market that caught my attention. It’s for something called ‘kalakalan’ (trade), where products of other places are dropped off.

San Ildefonso de Toledo Parish, or more commonly referred to as simply Tanay Church, sits right across from the town plaza or park. The church, which is reminiscent of early Renaissance architecture, features a niche of San Ildefonso de Toledo, the town’s patron saint, as well as intricately carved statues of other saints and the notable Stations of the Cross. Apart from those well-defined details, I think I will remember Tanay Church for the smell of flowers that assailed my nostrils as soon as I entered.

Nature bound

Tanay is blessed with many things a nature lover will definitely find hard to resist – from mountains and caves, to rivers and streams. But if you don’t have the luxury of time to explore everything, a visit to Tanay’s popular waterfalls would more than make up for your sought-after communing with nature.

Nestled at the foot of Tanay mountains, Daranak Falls is a favorite shooting location for many films, both local and foreign. That hardly comes as a surprise, actually, given its persevered natural vegetation of lush trees and tropical plants. Batlag Falls, meanwhile, is situated further up the mountain, and also features mostly undisturbed scenery of the forest. Both of these falls have ample amenities of cottages and picnic tables, so if you don’t want to join the hordes of people going there on weekends and holidays, it is highly advisable to visit on any given weekday – and be early!

You may initially have only a day to visit, but with the myriad places to see, a day trip in the town of Tanay spells out a day filled with experiences you will not easily forget.



Road Trip

Because Tanay has well-paved roads for the most part, I think the arguably best way to see it is on a road trip onboard a motorcycle. Well, I’ve always loved road trips to begin with, but doing that in an open space while having an unobstructed view of the rich landscape of the town adds its own exhilarating feel.


How to get thereTanay is easily accessible from Manila. From EDSA Central Terminal station, take an fx that goes directly to Tanay (Php60). The trip takes approximately 2 hours.

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Monique , September 26, 2014
grabe...napanuod namin si marc mateo sa tv sikat na pala sya...sana pagbalik mo ng tanay kumanta ka sa fiesta.wish you all the best!
marissa gomes , January 18, 2011
basta kami ang gusto namin maibalik ung tanay idol,grabe ang gagaling nila...magagaling umarte,sumayaw at kumanta..dito namin napanuod sina dingdong galido,zander aviles, jarah padilla,pau nuaz and marc gil mateo....sana may reunion para makanuod ulit kami....
julie , November 23, 2010
pg ngpnta kau s tnay cgurdo aq n ba2lik at ba2lik p rn kau,im a TANAYANS kya alm q un.. tnx s mga comments nyo
dyeth , October 13, 2010
We used to go to a watershed at ang natatandaan namin nuong 1962 eh ang access namin ay malapit sa public market. Ibig naming (apat na senior citizens) pumunta ulit duon at gunitain ang nakaraan. My e-mail address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Thank you for your kind attention.
vic fern , August 16, 2010
do you infoabout the J.E campin sampaloc should go will learn a lot from this place...
amin , June 24, 2010
0 enough for the town! it makes me very excited to visiting the town. i just hope there's a place where we can stay for a longer period of time to visit the town. a house just to spend the night.
van , April 29, 2010
Anyone knows a Wilhelmina Suarez? She's an old friend and I've trying to find her since the 80's. She lived in Tanay. Please email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
George , March 31, 2010
one more before leaving from Tanay pass the Groto its also a praying ground and overlooking site of Tanay every body knows especially tricycle driver for the location having a 100 step from tip to the top.... it's just the place should be very old by now...
Manuel , February 24, 2010
hello to all Tanay is such a nice Place coz I was born there, daranak and batlag falls is beautiful and for information also the Calinawan Cave is also beside the Falls dont miss to pass there also it is one of the best place also that we always see in Television... thanks and enjoy visiting Tanay
Manuel , February 24, 2010
we've been to daranak and batlag falls three times and seemed we still can't enough of the scenery and the natural beuty of the falls...i'm planning to go there again someday to see the lighthouse and to visit the tanay church as well.
gie manalo, pasig city...feb. 16, 2010 , February 17, 2010
hi guys!

just want to say many thanks for taking the time to read and post comments on the article. i really appreciate it!

best regards,
October 21, 2009

... : Jennilyn Q. Salvador , December 14, 2009
a bit of advise, the place is fine, BUT! avoid going to daranak-batlag falls on peak season ;
whew, been there it's jampacked , it's like nature been "ransacked", you will never appreciate the beauty of the falls , as if you went to a busy market, the scene is "too chaotic" - water has turned to brown ...

September 26, 2009
... : born_in_tanay , December 14, 2009
i would like to know if there is any accomodation very near the daranak falls or batlag falls
September 21, 2009
... : thelma , December 14, 2009
talagang maganda tanay ako nga eh nasa davao na umuwi pa ako tanay.....
September 09, 2009
... : jennifer mariano , December 14, 2009
is have some rent house or for sale in dama de st, sampaloc rizal tanay?
August 09, 2009

... : meehhhh , December 14, 2009
aztig tlaga ang tanay.......miz q na ang hawz namin sa sampaloc....kahit and2 aq sa cebu eh aztig parin.....
July 13, 2009
... : dArRen LadAo , December 14, 2009
for those looking for the lighthouse. just ask the tricycle driver to take you yo the parola, for only P10 per head. before you get there you'll see a restaurant (kainan sa tabing lawa) it serves native dishes such as fried tiger bass (dalag),catfish(hito), sinigang na kanduli, and some exotic stuff like usa(deer), baboy damo(wild boar) fried or roasted and of course they'll tell you what you want to know and how to get there. just look for cheryl or jonathan mendoza...........
May 31, 2009
... : eric mendoza , December 14, 2009
hi marc, kumusta kna? miss na nmin ang boses mo.....sna kntahan mo ulit kmi sa bar....sobra dinaig mo pa si erik sa boses!!!!!!sana makita kna nmin sa tv...................
May 30, 2009
... : barry , December 14, 2009
there are jeepneys and fx's from crossing (shaw blvd.), also vans at starmall
April 21, 2009
... : rg , December 14, 2009
if you want to visit tanay and you don't have anybody to show you around tanay, there is a restaurant in tanay named basnigan sa kamalig restaurant located in sampaloc road, you can go there and ask the owner where you can hire a tourist guide for a cheap price. you can have your meal here for take out too if you want to bring some food on your visit. this restaurant is the first place if you want to feel more secure coz the owner will treat you nicely and willing to answer your questions. the owners name is raffy reyes he is the president of tanay business club and soon to be the president of rotary club of tanay. have fun and enjoy tanay!
April 16, 2009
... : Louie Reyes , December 14, 2009
..... spectacular!!!!!

, Wow111 la me masabe
super ganda tlga hir in Daranak Falls
evn f a lil bit of tiring
pUNTA N....
kh8 d aqku mrunong mgswim
piling qku im a swimmer

March 16, 2009
... : jHASMINE OF mONTESSORI Professional College (Lagro Branch) , December 14, 2009
I'd really like to visit. But I don't to drive. Is there a jeepney / FX / bus route that passes through Libis and reaches Tanay?
March 02, 2009
... : JR Apolega , December 14, 2009
hi...just wondrin if we can stay an overnyt in Daranak falls or in batlag falls...tanx i'll wait for your reply tanx
August 17, 2008
... : giliw , December 14, 2009
im having an architectural thesis and my site is located somewhere in barangay sampaloc, owned by the Dominican sisters of st. catherine of siena.
August 07, 2008
... : clyde , December 14, 2009
nice article Jennilyn. that's a very nice write up about tanay... I went there a few weeks ago for a site visit.. what strike me also are the well-paved road network and the beautiful peaceful.. a property is being offered to me in that place, and i'm thinking of it but having second thoughts with my limited knowledge of the place....I hope the neighborhood's peaceful too.
July 22, 2008
... : rosej , December 14, 2009
i sugGest tO yOu guYs..
viSit Daranak falls coZ tHe pLace
iS sO aMaziNg!!! d faLLs iS sO bEautifuL..
we'vE bEen dEr juSt reCentLy..
aNd we cAnt heLp bUt sAy "wOw!"
coZ iTs reaLLy WOW!!!!! ^-^

thOugh iTs a biT tiriNg bUt i tell yOu....
iTs all worth iT!!!
July 01, 2008
... : tiNa , December 14, 2009
can you name major landforms and minor landforms of rizal province thank you
March 05, 2008
... : jerrold f. bompat , December 14, 2009
is there a map to get to the lighthouse in tanay from manila?
February 12, 2008
... : adrian Tan , December 14, 2009

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